Cost Adjustments
o Sump pit sealing
o 2nd story routing of exhaust
o Crawl space sealing
o Extensive seam or crack sealing
o Retest after system installation
o Onsite inspection and consultation.
For properties in Sioux City, S Sioux City, N Sioux City, McCook Lake, Sgt Bluff, Hinton, Moville, Lawton and Dakota City these services are at no cost. Outside these areas, mileage and labor fees may apply.
o Sump pit and/or extensive seam and crack sealing.
Billed at an hourly per person rate plus materials.
o Quotes for active mitigation systems.
No cost for properties in the aforementioned locations. Outside these areas, mileage and labor fees may apply. NOTE: Accurate pricing of a system may be determined over the phone with the following information:
  • Square footage of basement area.
  • Number of stories of the property and the type of roofing.
  • Does the property have a sump pit system and how many?
  • Basement construction details. Is the support structure post and beam or concrete/stick wall with footings?
  • Do crawl spaces or areas with exposed dirt exist?
o Active radon mitigation system installation.
Installation of system to reduce radon levels in you home or business. Systems include a 5 year limited warranty. Please contact Radon Mitigators, Inc. for specific pricing information.
o Passive radon system installation.
A passive radon system can only be installed during the construction of the property. Consult with your builder prior to installation of the basement floor to discuss installation of a passive mitigation system. See "Building Radon Out" at
Radon Mitigators, Inc. is a licensed, credentialed mitigation company. As a locally owned and operated business, we strive to provide quality products and services that consistently meet current mitigation standards as well as satisfy our customer needs and expectations.
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