Though post mitigation results vary, test shows that of the installations performed, the current average retest results are as follows:

Iowa = 1.94 pCi/l

Nebraska = 1.46 pCi/l

South Dakota = 1.84 pCi/l

Current Averages
"We now have a healthy home. Your work was neat, precise, and professional. We are sleeping so much better at nights knowing that we are breathing nearly radon-free air. Thank you."
Frank and Diane Gruber
Sioux City, Iowa
"We are extremely pleased with the installation and outcome of our Radon Reduction System. Initial Radon test results were 12.4 pCi/l and 15.5 pCi/l, which was reduced to 0.9 pCi/l after the installation of the reduction system."
Sioux City, Iowa. Northside
"...They were prompt, on time and were the consummate professionals. They put the system in under adverse time constraint conditions and by putting in an additional system as well to bring the radon to acceptable 1.6 levels. Their dogged determination to get the job right with pride was commendable to us. Their work was clean, neat and orderly. They cleaned up after themselves so we hardly [knew] they have been there. They are an example of true professionalism in an age of complacency!"
Philip W Howard Jr.
Anita P Howard
Sioux City, Iowa
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